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Mission Critical Infra – Lifecycle Management Services

Cypress Solutions views mission-critical infrastructure as a single, integrated system and our two decades of experience have enabled us to revamp traditional infrastructure services.

Providing our customers with enhanced reliability, performance and value throughout the entire mission-critical infra lifecycle..

coordinating people

Single-point-of-contact for easier coordination and communication


Cost-effective standardization and scaling

repair mechanism

Internal expertise covering mechanical, electrical, safety & security, and network.

Operations & Maintenance

Proactive & preventative maintenance, decreasing the possibility of complications


Fully trained, in-house technicians reduce equipment servicing costs


Inventory, repair analysis and assessments to evaluate infrastructure capacity

Mission Critical Infrastructure
Command & Control Centre of a Smart Building / Smart City

The Smart Cities Framework enables cities to build a city- level digital platform that can integrate city data from various connected systems – vehicles, sensors from roadside infrastructure and buildings – and store that data in a manner that can be easily assimilated by city applications and citizens.

The City Level Digital Platform harnesses advances in digital technologies such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT in an integrated manner and transforms the way citizen services are delivered across key perspectives – liveability, security, mobility and sustainability.

The above diagram clearly conveys that the Command & Control Center is a place that houses the information processing units as well as controls the field devices, which makes it extremely important, physically as well as logically.


The design experts and engineers at Cypress Solutions are amply trained and experienced to help our clients build a Command & Control Center facility of their tier level choice. Cypress Solutions’ experienced mission critical infrastructure / command & control center facility consulting team understands the specific requirements of mission critical facilities like yours, and it is our goal to help you achieve 100% system availability in your Mission Critical Infrastructure today and into the future.

To learn more about building a Command & Control Center and the Command & Control Center related services that Cypress Solutions offers, or to talk with one of our Mission Critical Infra experts, please fill out our Contact Us form, or email us at sales@cypresssolutions.in.

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