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Cypress Solutions is the definitive destination for all of your Mission Critical Infrastructure (like data center ) needs. Our aim and highest priority are to add value to our clients and provide comprehensive Data Centre Infrastructure, to your exact requirements.

We are a leading provider of Mission Critical Infrastructure (like data center), for both IT and non-IT infrastructures, covering everything from design and engineering to installation of the components. This includes passive components such as electrical, civil and conditioned power (UPS, SMPS) and BMS as well as active components for voice, data and video solutions required for wired & wireless LAN & WAN.

Cypress Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Just like nature is a marvel from micro to mega, we strive to achieve excellence from the smallest unit of tech infra to the largest & complex ecosystems. We address the market need of INTELLIGENT INFRA ENGINEERING for Mission Critical Infrastructures like Data Centers, MSC, BTS VALUE DELIVERING PREMISES like Smart Buildings etc. and SMART SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEMS like Smart Cities etc.

Intelligent Infra Engineering

A perceptive and self adapting infra at the heart of your complex digital business Operations

Value Delivering Premises

Helping you to derive ROI from your buildings by ensuring optimum asset performance year after year.

Smart Sustainable Ecosystem

Proven engineering for large ecosystems that lead to predictability and sustainability for years after go live

What We oFFER
Cypress Solutions has gained the reputation of a company that offers an extensive range of services. We are known for our interfusion of skill with technology, by which we provide the highest quality technical expertise, flexibility and innovation in Data Centre and Business Solutions.
Data Center Solutions

Many companies today rely on IT for the delivery of business-critical services. Consequently, it is absolutely vital that the mission critical data center is designed, maintained and operated with hi-availability and efficiency in mind. Cypress Solutions offers an extensive range of data center infrastructure services including consultancy, audit, turnkey solutions, training and FMS for data centers.

Business Solutions & Networking

Our business and networking solutions incorporate Building Automation (CCTV or IP camera, Access Control, Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems), Health Care, Real-Time Asset Tracking, Hospitality, GPON Solutions and an entire range of Networking Solutions comprehensively for your benefit.

Training and Certification

The changing nature of data centers and the technology that impacts them makes it critical that employees remain up to date on the current theories and best practices for the practical application of topics such as power and cooling, management, security and planning. Cypress Solutions offers industry-leading education for the IT professionals‚ facility managers‚ engineers‚ designers and consultants that are involved in the critical decision-making and infrastructure planning of data centers worldwide.

WHY Cypress Solutions
A one-stop destination for Training, Audit Services, Consulting and Turnkey Projects as well as globally-accredited certified courses
Very experienced staffs, who have been involved in various data center design and build from small to large mission critical infrastructures.
Totally vendor neutral
Totally vendor neutral therefore we are able to give a totally objective and neutral advice
Focused and in-depth knowledge
Focused and in-depth knowledge of high-availability and mission critical data centers including new technologies and its impact on the data center.
Knowledge on IT & infra facilities
Knowledge of both IT as well as infra facilities which we are able to integrate seamlessly whereas other players are usually specific domain experts.
Cypress has Standard Operating Procedures written for every service they offer commercially; which ensures optimum assets performance, solutions predictability and reliability for buyer.
360 degree approach
Cypress Solutions is the only company to provide one stop solution for all Data Center related solutions

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