Cypress Solutions has gained the reputation of a company that offers an extensive range of services. We are known for our interfusion of skill with technology, by which we provide the highest quality technical expertise, flexibility and innovation in Data Centre and Business Solutions.
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Our clients all have one thing in common – the need to protect their valuable data, run their mission- critical infrastructure efficiently and protect it on a 24 x 7 basis. We work hard to provide solutions that fit each organization and each project, delivering quality on time, every time. Our services are aimed at helping our customers to:

  • Increase availability of mission critical infrastructure
  • Improve efficiency, effectiveness and manageability
  • Minimize risk of business interruption
Data Center Consultancy

Technology is at the core of business success and making sure you have the right strategy that will capitalize on technical infrastructure, information systems and business processes requires expertise. It is crucial that organizations invest wisely in the right technology in order to maximize their business success.

Data Centre Turnkey Execution

Our turnkey solutions are aimed at accountability on quality, uptime and timely delivery of a DC as per international standards. Once a turnkey solution is delivered, the facility and IT team will be able to manage their respective functions and manage the DC independently.

Data Center Audit

Cypress Solutions guarantees you a data center that meets your business requirements, benchmarked against international standards and guidelines.

Data Centre Monitoring & Management

Our monitoring and management services are designed to take a preventative approach to keep your systems, sites and networks up and running smoothly and without interruption.

Data Centre Green DC

A range of innovative, alternative and advanced technologies that provide the lowest carbon footprint, seamless scalability, mobility, high density and minimum physical space requirement; environmentally friendly data center solutions with maximum efficiency and minimal setup, operation and cost of ownership.

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Building Automation

Access Control:

Our modern and multi-layer authentication access controls with comprehensive security functions, web control interface, system interoperability and embedded biometrics enable fully controlled security measures at all times. Cypress Solutions can monitor the physical security of any location 24/7 via biometric technology, CCTV and physical alarm systems over a BMS operating over IP.

CCTV or IP Camera

Cypress Solutions can provide surveillance solutions for an integrated environment where a nationwide network of cameras can be monitored and managed on 24/7 basis. Based on the requirement, various types of fixed point and PTZ cameras can be integrated using an intelligent VMS ensuring all points are monitored and all areas are recorded.

Fire Detection Systems

Prevention of fire related losses starts with early detection of the fire. Based on the need, customers can choose between conventional (addressable or non-addressable) fire alarm systems or early smoke detection systems.

Fire Suppression System

he primary objective of a Waterless Fire Protection system is to detect and extinguish a fire in its incipient stage long before smoke generation causes damage. It covers two functions: the detection of a fire at its initial stage and the subsequent suppression of that fire.

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Training & Certification

Cypress Solutions offers industry-leading education for IT professionals‚ facility managers‚ engineers‚ designers‚ consultants and anyone involved in the critical decision making and infrastructure planning of data centers worldwide. The changing nature of data centers and the technology that impacts them makes it even more critical that employees remain up to date on the current theories and best practices for issues around topics of power‚ cooling‚ management‚ security‚ and planning.
We provide a full curriculum of courses that deliver relevant and current information when and where you need it. Our online program is designed to be manageable and attainable and with our Certification exam‚ you can quantify your learning and experience as a true data center professional!

Courses Offered

Cypress Solutions offers the following courses:

  • CDCE (Certified Data Centre Engineer)
  • CDCD (Certified Data Centre Designer)
  • CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional)
  • CDCM (Certified Data Centre Manager)

CDCMP (Certified Data Centre Management Professional)The IPR for CDCE course is with CSPL and is the focused course for us. All other courses are organized in association with our International Training Partners.

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