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Our modern and multi-layer authentication access controls with comprehensive security functions, web control interface, system interoperability and embedded biometrics enable fully controlled security measures at all times. Cypress Solutions can monitor the physical security of any location 24/7 via biometric technology, CCTV and physical alarm systems over a BMS operating over IP. Visitors to the premises are subject to round-the-clock armed guards, iris scanning, closed circuit television, weight measurement, hand geometry scanning, vehicle proofing and metal detectors. Additionally, we offer anti-pass back card readers and perimeter security solutions. For interior solutions, photoelectric beams will set off alarms should an intruder attempt to scale the wall and we offer internal penetration tests and guard tour solutions to ensure the guards’ responsiveness.


Cypress Solutions can provide surveillance solutions for an integrated environment where a nationwide network of cameras can be monitored and managed on 24/7 basis. Based on the requirement, various types of fixed point and PTZ cameras can be integrated using an intelligent VMS ensuring all points are monitored and all areas are recorded. The solutions enable managing, controlling and viewing of multiple cameras, advanced digital recording and simultaneous play backs, image authentication, advanced search facilities and a user-friendly control center for remote access to multiple sites for archiving.

Wide ranging network video products
Fixed network cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications
Video servers to analog CCTV systems
Video management software
Network camera housing
Devices to bridge analog and digital
You can set up the network video system to save the video data to a file server at a local or distant location for security reasons and at certain time intervals, or when motion is detected, for later viewing and analysis. Images can be uploaded via e-mail, FTP or HTTP.
You may schedule a time for the network video product to perform certain actions; e.g. start sending and recording images every evening, on weekends or on holidays.
Triggering mechanisms
A wide range of triggering mechanisms (whether built into the product or available in a software package) can be incorporated into a Cypress Solutions network video system. 
Event functionality
Our network video products enable users to set and manage alarm events. Once an alarm is set, you can automatically request that actions such as recording and sending images to specified destinations, sending alerts to specific individuals, activating lights, opening or locking doors, controlling temperature levels and so on, be performed.
Our products enable two-way audio communication over a network which enables you to not only hear what’s going on remotely, but also speak through the network. With both visual and audio communication you can question intruders, conduct remote education, troubleshoot or broadcast a location or event on the web.
Our network video products provide many security features; among them, different levels of password protected access to the products. Examples are predefined passwords, administrator-only access to product configuration and settings, and IP address filtering. Some products also provide HTTPS for encrypted communication.
Fire Detection Systems

Prevention of fire related losses starts with early detection of the fire. Based on the need, customers can choose between conventional (addressable or non-addressable) fire alarm systems or early smoke detection systems. A wide variety of products help us cater to the fire detection needs of any building, from smaller ones to a complex Tier IV Data Centre. These systems can also be integrated with Access Control Systems, PA systems and Fire Suppression Systems as well as an IBMS system designed for the building.

Fire Suppression System

The primary objective of a Waterless Fire Protection system is to detect and extinguish a fire in its incipient stage long before smoke generation causes damage. It covers two functions: the detection of a fire at its initial stage and the subsequent suppression of that fire. With fire detectors and intelligent alarm panels, the system can detect overheating electrical wires before it reaches the flash point. In many instances there is no need to deploy the waterless fire protection system, because the circuit can be identified and simply turned off.
The waterless fire protection systems are non-conductive and non-corrosive making them safe to use around electrical equipment. The fire protection gas penetrates with three-dimensional capability, easily reaching into obscure or hard to reach areas. There is no residue or collateral damage after discharge.
After protection of personnel and buildings, securing the accessibility of high-value plant and equipment is the deciding factor of gas extinguishing technology, as no damage can result from using this method.

Advantages of gas extinguishing technology:

  • Residue-free extinguishing
  • Protection of facilities and fittings without water damage
  • Rapid recommencement of normal processes following fault warning
  • Fire damage limited to precise point responsible for the outbreak of the fire
  • Extinguishing gases are non-conducting, therefore
  • No danger to personnel using electrical plant or machinery
  • No danger of short circuits either during or after the extinguishing process

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