Conditioned Power Solutions

Conditioned Power Solutions

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Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems are a critical component of any Mission Critical Infra. As power is the lifeblood of your Mission Critical Infra, power outages, sags and surges are more than just an inconvenience—they can cause actual damage to your IT equipment. Although backup power generators can supply power in the case of an extended outage, they cannot help in the case of transient power fluctuations.
UPSs store power either in the form of chemical energy (as in a battery) or energy of motion (as in a flywheel). The UPS’s ability to power your equipment in the event of an outage depends on the amount of equipment, as well as the capacity of the battery. There are many options when selecting a UPS, but if you can differentiate between the various configurations, you’ll be better able to choose the right system for your requirements.

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While the structural elements of a data center are more or less similar to that of your typical office building, data centers are built to be much more solid and durable than other buildings would need to be, to preserve the equipment in the case of a natural disaster or any type of threat.


The IT equipment is what the data centre houses and protects and it’s what enables us to surf the web, navigate on our phones and use the apps that make our lives so much easier.

IT equipment can be identified into three categories:

Servers – These are responsible for running the software applications for things we do in our day-to-day lives, like send emails, design graphics, go on social media, or play our favorite game. They are like a laptop or computer except much more powerful and efficient.

Communication Gear – Communication, or networking gear, manages the safe & fast transfer of data in and out of the data center as well as between the IT equipment.

Storage equipment – This is where data like old emails, bank records and your social media uploads are stored.


The job of the electrical infrastructure is to transfer an uninterrupted supply of power from the utility grid or UPS to the IT equipment. This is crucial, as the data center cannot afford to lose power. If it did, we would not be able to accomplish even the smallest of tasks, from sending an email, to making a phone call or accessing our bank account. The power supply is designed such, that an alternate source of energy will continue powering the equipment, if a system should fail or lose power. The data center staff carefully monitors and manages the electrical infrastructure, to avoid any failures.

Below is a line diagram which illustrates the concept of how the power is transferred from the utility grid to the IT equipment:

As we can see, the utility grid provides the main source of power for the data center. Two separate utility grids are used for some facilities, in case one loses power. In the case of the utility grid losing power, diesel-powered generators produce backup electricity and can run for days, if need be.

The data center uses Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) to switch from the utility grid to the backup generator without interruption, while the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) – which stores enough energy to bridge the gap – powers the IT equipment for the time it takes for the generators to start up. PDU (Power Distribution Units) contain multiple outlets, which the IT equipment is plugged into.


IT equipment generates a lot of heat that is capable of shutting it down, if it isn’t properly contained. It’s the job of the cooling infrastructure to remove the heat and keep all the IT equipment running smoothly. Most cooling units work the same way that air conditioners do – with a fan to regulate air flow and a cooling coil that removes the heat – except on a much larger scale.

The design experts and engineers at Cypress Solutions are amply trained and experienced to help our clients build a data centre facility of their tier level choice. Cypress Solutions’ experienced mission-critical infrastructure/data centre consulting team understands the specific requirements of mission critical facilities like yours and it is our goal to help you achieve 100% system availability in your data centre today and into the future.

To learn more about building a data center and the data center construction services that Cypress Solutions offers, or to speak with one of our Mission Critical Infra experts, please fill out our Contact Us form, or email us at

Our technically superior team at Cypress Solutions designs and delivers solutions for our clients all around the globe. To learn more about Conditioned Power Solutions and the related services we offer, or to talk with one of our data center experts, please fill out our Contact Us form or e-mail us at

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