Data Center Consultancy
Data Center Consultancy

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Why this is required

Technology is at the core of business success and making sure you have the right strategy that will capitalize on technical infrastructure, information systems and business processes requires expertise. It is crucial that organizations invest wisely in the right technology in order to maximize their business success.


Your IT strategy will help identify both the strategic and business benefits that can be gained or lost through technology as well as the strength of information and the use of technology within a company. By addressing your business issues, you can ascertain the best technology that will enable you to improve your organization and achieve your business goals through hardware, software, the Internet and other information technologies.

We offer the following Consultation services
Data Center Site Selection
Helping customers decide on a site that offers a sustainable DC location and protects the customer’s investment over time. This service also includes a feasibility study.
Data Center Design Consulting & Validation
In the DC Design Service, we help the client design a detailed Data Centre. We also offer a Design Validation Service which is aimed at helping customers validate existing designs and verify them against applicable standards and Tier levels.
Data Center Project Management
Project Management of the data center includes a careful review of key criteria and elements such as construction, location, power infrastructure, environmental control infrastructure, physical security, electromagnetic fields, maintenance contracts, and telecom infrastructure in order to identify critical problems and evaluate the current status of the site, ensuring all components of the DC commissioned site are in accordance with international guidelines.
Benefits of product/service
Cypress Solutions offers comprehensive data center consultancy services from business feasibility, planning, platforms, location and site selection all the way to the design, engineering and planning of
  • Precision cooling
  • UPS
  • Raw power conditioning & distribution
  • Generators
  • EMS
  • Fire detection & suppression
  • Leak detection
  • Surveillance systems
  • Access control
  • Rodent repellent
  • Public address system
  • Structured cabling
  • Network security systems
  • Storage
  • Server computing software and
  • Applications
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