Data Centre Monitoring & Management
Data Centre Monitoring & Management

Our monitoring and management services are designed to take a preventative approach to keep your systems, sites and networks up and running smoothly and without interruption.

Why this is required

In an environment where downtime can negatively impact end-user satisfaction or lead to enormous financial and moral losses, problems must be pinpointed accurately and swiftly.


Cypress Solutions provides a unique, all-inclusive maintenance facility with a flexible workforce. Our engineers and technicians have extensive technical knowledge and are experts at resolving problems that can occur – maximizing network uptime, availability and performance.

We offer the following Consultation services
Business Analysis and Feasibility Study
Consultancy services that cover business requirement analysis and feasibility study, site selection and surveys; generate ROI and TCO reports, and the budgeting and planning of resources & O&M.
Data Center Design and Planning
Depiction of the full design layout, engineering and design specifications for data centers. A view of capacity planning, data center sizing for physical space as well as power and cooling capacity; schematics and detailed designs related to electrics, mechanics, duct work, pipes, fire suppression, leak detection, power, cooling, civil and structural, BOQ preparation, budgetary plan and vendor selection.
An initial set of requirements that can then be modified to suit your particular method of business dealing. We prepare requests for information documents, determining possible vendors, assessing the technology involved, coordinating supplier demonstrations, and providing methods of reviewing and selecting the best technology for your organization.
Technology Selection
A detailed breakdown of green vs. conventional data center pros and cons, the various technologies available for acquisition, technical assessments and feasibility, technological product evaluation and possibilities for selection, growth and expansion.
Project Plan
Prepare a project schedule detailing the broader timeline as well as a daily activity schedule enabling daily Project Tracking.
Project Supervision
Routine supervision that ensures adherence to time lines, international standard guidelines, engineering layout and quality of installation in accordance with the Tier classification.
Data Center Documentation
Documentation services to organize and deliver all related product specs, manuals, quality assurance checklists, operation manuals and procedures, issue tracking and reporting, equipment commissioning and decommissioning procedures, RFP preparations, industry – specific documentation and SLAs.

The process includes 24×7 failover, enhancement implementation, seamless expansion, bug fixes, defect resolutions, configuration management, status reports, request handling and escalation, remote maintenance and local dispatch support services. All availability factors are embedded in live monitoring engines with preset thresholds and alter mechanisms are monitored round-the-clock by our experts.

Using our advanced management & monitoring environment, we can remotely perform 99% of the functions an engineer can provide on-site. In such cases as the equipment requires physical presence, we provide instructions to the client’s staff and immediate engineering dispatch.

Cypress Solutions also utilizes an advanced trouble ticketing and change management system that accepts both manual as well as automated input of incidents and requests. This allows our clients to easily request changes, ask questions or log incidents using a simple and straightforward approach. Our customized web-based portals created and customized for each client provide a view into their managed environment using meaningful data.

Benefits of This Product/Service
Some of the many benefits to mention
  • Dramatically reduce IT costs through optimal resource utilization
  • Improve system performance by identifying system bottlenecks
  • Optimize capacity and update planning
  • Benchmark, test and diagnose problems based on historical records
  • Effective usage simulations
  • Routine failover checks
  • Continuous layered dependency health check
  • Evaluate upgrades with precision pre and post comparisons
  • Protect system performance and availability through automatic call logging, notification, and event reporting

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