Our turnkey solutions are aimed at accountability on quality, uptime and timely delivery of a DC as per international standards. Once a turnkey solution is delivered, the facility and IT team will be able to manage their respective functions and manage the DC independently.

Why this is required

A DC build involves thorough knowledge of the subject and project comprehension, joining the various IT &non-IT products together in a logically connected sequence in order to cater towards a purely IT function.


Our technology consultants are a team of seasoned professionals, specializing in core IT strategies, process reengineering, IT architecture, and the development of internal company policies and procedures for physical infrastructure management. They approach each client’s technology challenge with ingenuity, delivering both diversity and quality in their solutions.

We offer the following Consultation services
Business Analysis and Feasibility Study
Consultancy services that cover business requirement analysis and feasibility study, site selection and surveys; generate ROI and TCO reports, and the budgeting and planning of resources & O&M.
Data Center Design and Planning
Depiction of the full design layout, engineering and design specifications for data centers. A view of capacity planning, data center sizing for physical space as well as power and cooling capacity; schematics and detailed designs related to electrics, mechanics, duct work, pipes, fire suppression, leak detection, power, cooling, civil and structural, BOQ preparation, budgetary plan and vendor selection.
An initial set of requirements that can then be modified to suit your particular method of business dealing. We prepare requests for information documents, determining possible vendors, assessing the technology involved, coordinating supplier demonstrations, and providing methods of reviewing and selecting the best technology for your organization.
Technology Selection
A detailed breakdown of green vs. conventional data center pros and cons, the various technologies available for acquisition, technical assessments and feasibility, technological product evaluation and possibilities for selection, growth and expansion.
Project Plan
Prepare a project schedule detailing the broader timeline as well as a daily activity schedule enabling daily Project Tracking.
Project Supervision
Routine supervision that ensures adherence to time lines, international standard guidelines, engineering layout and quality of installation in accordance with the Tier classification.
Data Center Documentation
Documentation services to organize and deliver all related product specs, manuals, quality assurance checklists, operation manuals and procedures, issue tracking and reporting, equipment commissioning and decommissioning procedures, RFP preparations, industry – specific documentation and SLAs.
Benefits of product/service
Cypress Solutions offers comprehensive data center consultancy services from business feasibility, planning, platforms, location and site selection all the way to the design, engineering and planning of
  • Precision cooling
  • UPS
  • Raw power conditioning & distribution
  • Generators
  • EMS
  • Fire detection & suppression
  • Leak detection
  • Surveillance systems
  • Access control
  • Rodent repellent
  • Public address system
  • Structured cabling
  • Network security systems
  • Storage
  • Server computing software and
  • Applications

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