e Health

e Health

Business Challenge

Design and implement cabling and power network to enable the rollout of E-Health application across all the state-owned hospitals, clinics and health centers in Haryana.  Primary challenges for any execution team were remote location, dilapidated conditions of buildings and lack if connectivity for coordination. The patient’s comfort was non-negotiable and therefore work in medical facilities was interrupted sporadically and rescheduled resulting in budget overshoot and time overrun.

Proposed Solution

All the state-owned medical facilities were network enabled, with network points at strategic locations in the facilities to electronically record patient’s data without the need for the patients to carry a hard copy of the prescriptions and other medical reports etc. The centralized storage of the data enabled the staff of various health centers to access the patients records irrespective of their location. The electronic data maintenance of stocks delivered and their availability at any medical facility aided the medical staff in stocktaking, thus avoiding pilferage.


A networked infrastructure facilitated a single source of truth idea pertaining to patient’s records. The data recorded was up to DATE AND AVAILABLE IN REAL TIME TO ALL THE ASSOCIATED CLINICS AND HOSPITALS. THIS RESULTED IN THE REDUCTION OF “TIME TO ATTEND” AS DOCTORS have the data electronically available without having to rummage through past records in files and papers. There was a palpable increase in patients satisfaction levels due to fast handling process.

About Customer

The health department serves people across the state through 56 Hospitals, 114 Community Health Centers and 485 Primary Health Centers. To take up digital India initiate ahead, MoHFW has started various e-Gov initiatives in Health care sectors, the division is named as eHealth division. e-Health is broadly defined as the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in health. The scope of these initiatives is to make all medical facilities available all time from any part of the state through Web services, mobile services, SMS or Call center services. Broadly the intent is to cover online medical consultation, online medical records, online medicine supply management and Pan-India exchange for patient information but not limited to the said services.

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