Hero Honda

Hero Honda

Enabling the largest Motorcycle plant with Gigabit Information Highway

Business Challenge

The challenge was to design and implement a structured cabling network in the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing plant based out of india. The highly intensive round the clock manufacturing area was already buzzing with heavy engineering work deployment during the time, which made the cabling work continuity and safety a big concern.

Proposed Solution

A proposed design blueprint formalized using tools like CAD and Microsoft Visio. Robust specification documentation designed to establish cabling standards and materials required for the operation. It also covered the ways to implement the plant network to continuously maintain for its reliability, security and physical considerations. The factory floor divided into different sections, like a factory work area, control room/microdata center etc. and each considered as an iteration in a cabling project. The time allocated to each iteration was dependent on the type of cable, the overlapping hours of the engineering work which was happening simultaneously, and the cabling intricacies involved in various sections of the plant area.

The following cabling types proposed:

Vertical or backbone cabling: Connecting the telecommunication area with the control room. This would primarily be single mode or multimode fiber optic cables.

Horizontal cabling: This cabling proposed to connect the workstations with the telecommunication room in a star topology. The cables suggested were EIA/TIA compliant and were of a UTP CAT6A cable type. These cables support VOIP telephone systems, cameras, automatic door systems and WIFI, basic infrastructure in any plant operation.

Hook& Loop and zip cabling ties used to arrange the cables according to the ICT exacting standards to mitigate health and safety hazards.


The structured cabling network allowed Client’s manufacturing plant with adaptable IT infrastructure with lag free data transmission- helping to improve performance and drive business growth. Many multiple devices were able to be managed from a single monitoring control system, thereby accentuating security.The safety threat due to engineering work deployment during the time of cable installation was mitigated by making sure the project plan included hours and days when the cabling work had to curtailed during peak engineering deployment.

About Client

India’s Leading Two Wheeler Company

Client a is India’s leading two wheeler company, which has been providing customers with an excellent range of two wheelers that ensure both style and comfort. Their story can be traced back to the vision of a mobile and empowered India, powered by its two wheelers. Today, Client has made it its mission to become the best two-wheeler company, not only in India but also globally by setting benchmarks in style, performance and technology.

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