National Stock Exchange

National Stock Exchange

Enabling Millions of Transactions per Second

Business Challenge

India’s leading stock exchange required the installation of data center within a very aggressive timeline. The multi-location project was a first of its kind, which was executed in parallel. The customer was running connectivity across multiple locations on a VSAT connectivity that had huge latency which led to loss of transactions many times.  The year of the project was 2006 when the captive data center industry was in its early days. Due to the novelty of the technology, the technical resources were few and far between, and the onus was on CSPL to make it a perfect implementation in the very first instance. It was a commercially very sensitive project which carried severe penalties. To top it off, Archeological Survey of India had designated one of the sites as a heritage site, with a complete ban on any kind of modification on the building surface. Even digging, to provide earthing’s for servers, storages and communication devices disallowed. Last but not least, the client wanted 8 days battery backup for UPS, to counteract any power outage issues due natural disaster.

Proposed Solution

We understood the sensitivity of the project and the expertise it would require fulfilling the deadlines. In order to get up to speed with the DC related knowledge we sent 2 of our engineers to C-NET- a UK based DC training center and also made sure they also attended the trainer course and impart the knowledge learned to all the resources in India. The total of 5 data centers developed across 4 states (Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and West Bengal) with 100% fault tolerant system design. The New connectivity through terrestrial MPLS links enabled real time transaction updates. Critical systems such as HVAC, UPS deployed with 100% redundancy in active and standby configuration for load balancing in case the primary system is down for maintenance or breakdown. Separate designated areas assigned for IT equipment, power equipment, and UPS. Security systems such as surveillance, access control, fire detection and alarm, fire suppression deployed in multiple layers across the data center. A 24/7 monitoring team and a 5-year comprehensive AMC plan formed the basis to upkeep the infrastructure. For the heritage site, a cloud-based data center designed and implemented as digging and modification were not permissible.


The data center project was successfully completed with redundant power back up and 100% fault resistant system design. Its 12 years since the sites have reported any system breakdown and with transactions worth 5000 crores per hour being run through, we have managed to keep the upkeep SLA’s to 100% as promised. The money and time saved on maintenance during these years run into millions, making it one of our most successful implementations.

About Client

Client is the leading stock exchange in India and the second largest in the world by nos. of trades in equity shares from January to June 2018, according to World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) report.

Client launched electronic screen-based trading in 1994, derivatives trading (in the form of index futures) and Internet trading in 2000, which were each the first of its kind in India.

Client has a fully-integrated business model comprising our exchange listings, trading services, clearing and settlement services, indices, market data feeds, technology solutions and financial education offerings. They also oversee compliance by trading and clearing members and listed companies with the rules and regulations of the exchange.

Client is a pioneer in technology and ensures the reliability and performance of its systems through a culture of innovation and investment in technology.

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